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Dr. Jerry Buss
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JC: So if somebody walked into the suite now and had never heard of him and you wanted to begin to explain to somebody who Jerry West was as an individual in all its facets, what would you start to say about him to help somebody else understand him?

JB: He understood the game of basketball better than anyone. He understood it, of course he played it but there's been many players that don't understand it. Jerry was unique in his ability to not only assess talent but how that talent would fit together as a team. Many scouts can tell you who 's going to be a great player, but how many of them can do what Jerry did, which I always thought was a key to his personality. His second-round draft choice almost invariably made it in the NBA.

JC: Which is unusual.

JB: Very unusual.

Clip 2:

JB: He was a very impatient man. He couldn't stand to just sit there and idly gossip. I know as a matter of fact he would watch in our off days he would watch two, possibly three, full basketball games every day. During the season of course. I knew that because I would occasionally turn on one for a quarter or a half and I'd ask him about a particular incident and he always knew exactly what I was talking about. His basketball mind is just one of those rare things in life like the people who win the Nobel Prize for Physics or something. If there were a Nobel Prize for Basketball, Jerry West would be the recipient.
A&M 3884; Series 13
Author Jonathan Coleman interviewed Dr. Jerry Buss for the book, West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life. Dr. Buss was a businessman, philanthropist, and chemist who was the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s.

Clip 1:
Dr. Buss describes Jerry West's talents.

Clip 2:
Dr. Buss discusses Jerry West’s genius mind for basketball.
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West, Jerry, 1938- and Buss, Jerry
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